The Counseling and Psychotherapy Group

“There is no substitute for experience.”

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We provide consistency and stability.

We have served Fairfield County for over 40 years.

  •   Individual psychotherapy
  •   Psychoanalysis
  •   Marital counseling
  •   Divorce counseling
  •   Bereavement counseling
  •   Children, adolescents, adults, aged
  •   Sexual counseling
  •   Counseling for the abused
  •   Stress relief
  •   Pain relief
  •   Hypnosis
  •   Eating disorders and problems of overweight and obesity
  •   Psycho-educational evaluation and counseling
  •   Psychological evaluations
  •   Neuropsychological evaluations
  •   Consultation to groups
  •   Consultation to the clergy
  •   Consultation to the legal profession
  •   Disability determination
  •   Clinical supervision for allied professionals 





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